Top 20 Email Marketing Platforms to Grow your Business by 2021

Day by day the world is moving more and more towards digital. Social media is becoming an integral part of our lives. That’s how the business and in a way the marketing also has no choice other than the digital way. Emails are an integral part of marketing to nurture the leads. You can be […]


Top 27 Food Instagram Influencers in Mumbai

Do you love eating?  Do you love to try food innovations?  Come with us to explore new recipes and eating joints? Let’s get your Instagram feed filled with awesome food updates, recipes & images. Do go through the super profiles of most talked Food Instagram Influencers in Mumbai. This is a list of Instagram accounts […]

10 Marketing Ideas to Generate Business Leads in 2020

In 2020 or maybe till next year, nobody has a fair idea till how long we have to struggle for the regular flow of business. As the reason for lockdown and fear of health have no idea to generate business leads ahead with the situation of new normal. If you reopen the business the physical […]